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Angels n I - Goes to PreSchool

what is angel n i

Early education is important because 90% of children's growth take place before they enter kindergarten. A quality preschool like Angels n I can help improve the ability of your children in all aspect as we let your child growth in faith, love, confidence and independence.

Why Us :

  1.  We provide children with a happy and loving environment.
  2. We teach independence so children can understand and learn about their own capabilities and become good leader.
  3. We promote an English speaking environment to help the children learn the languange as soon as possible and encourage reading, basic math and communication skills.
  4. Qualified and Experience Staff.

Angel n I School Promo


school promo arrow  WE OFFER 
 Baby Class   2x / Week 
 Junior Playschool  3x / Week 
 Senior Playschool  4x / Week
 Kindergarten  Daily
 Daycare  Daily


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Our Facilty

  • Educational Game
    Educational Game
  • Ruang Kasih
    Ruang Kasih
  • Bedroom
  • Holiday Program
    Holiday Program
  • Learn Science
    Learn Science
  • Outdoor Playground
    Outdoor Playground
  • Outdoor Playground
    Outdoor Playground
  • Angels Building
    Angels Building

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Products Gallery

  • Grab Your Letters
    Grab Your Letters
  • Paper Cut-Outs
    Paper Cut-Outs
  • Pencils Set
    Pencils Set
  • Painting
  • Crayons
  • Colored Pencils
    Colored Pencils
  • Chiby Baby Balm
    Chiby Baby Balm
  • Safe Care
    Safe Care
  • Pampers Cuddles
    Pampers Cuddles

School Promo

Angel n I School Promo

Activity Gallery

  • Outdoor Activity
    Outdoor Activity
  • Acting Class
    Acting Class
  • Story Time
    Story Time
  • Carnaval
  • Taping fo TV
    Taping fo TV
  • Reading Class
    Reading Class
  • Feeding Time
    Feeding Time
  • Cooking Class
    Cooking Class

Contact Information

Our Address :
Ngagel Madya Utara 28 Street
Surabaya - Jawa Timur
(031) 5031 811
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